Crawford Area Hiking

Young's Peak (C Hill)


This trail begins at the firehouse parking lot (1 ½ blocks east of the Crawford Community Church). The trail takes you to the top of Young’s Peak (known locally as “C” Hill) on the north side of town. This expedition is worth the 45 minutes to one hour that you will spend climbing.

The trail is somewhat steep and not always well marked, but rest your legs and lungs often and you will be handsomely rewarded for your effort. The view from the top is fantastic. 


Excellent vistas of Needle Rock and the West Elks to the east, the Crawford Reservoir and  jagged San Juan Mountains  to the South, and Utah to the West. Views are up to 75 miles!

Needle Rock

Needle Rock is a volcanic plug which originated as throat of a large volcano about 28 million years ago and stands 800' above the floor of the Smith Fork Valley.


Take Needle Rock Road in Crawford to the parking area on the south side of the spire where the trail begins.

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