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October 13, 2022 
Dear CACC Members, 
As difficult as this is to believe, we are rapidly approaching the end of another year, so it seemed like a good time to review the status of the Crawford Area Chamber of Commerce.   
Over the past couple of years, we have tried to shift the focus of Chamber events toward education and communication on issues that impact the local business community.  We had two such events this year, the first featuring County Commissioner Wendell Koontz, and the second featuring representatives of DMEA and Elevate.  Both were very informative.  A third featuring Region 10 was the victim of an unfortunate scheduling conflict.  In addition, we had a wonderful Music in the Park event featuring Two Lane Road and honoring our Business,Volunteer, Non-Profit, and Teacher of the Year.
The other main focus for this year was the replacement of the Chamber Web-site with a much more modern, user friendly, version that provides more value to our members.  That project was a great success, thanks largely to Kristina and Cathy who partnered with Thin Air Web & Software and did a tremendous job. 
The reason I am writing this is to ask for your help going forward.  Our next board meeting is November 14 at 5:30 at Town Hall.  At that meeting, a new Board of Directors will be elected. Frankly, we need help.  We have at least one retirement, a possible relocation, and several very tired Board Members and we need an infusion of new blood.  
If you believe that it is important for Crawford to maintain and independent Chamber, which I certainly do, then we really need your help.  Terms are for two years.  The way it works is a board is elected of up to seven members and then that board chooses its Officers. All of theexisting members terms are up at the end of the year, so there are wonderful opportunities to make an impact and help our community. 
If you have any questions, or want to discuss this opportunity, please reach out to any of us. 
Our contact info is on the website, you can find it here.
Thank you for your consideration, 
Luke Finley President, CACC
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Please review our Accomplishments from 2022 on our Awards page and consider joining us in supporting our community!


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